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Rams should be permanent NFL draft hosts once complex is built

There's an easy answer to where the NFL Draft should be held moving forward.

News came out earlier this week that the Broncos, along with the City of Denver, are bidding to host the 2019 NFL draft. While it may be enticing for the NFL to host a Super Bowl-esque bidding process for its draft, doing so doesn’t make much sense.

Until 2015, the draft had been in New York every year. Moving it to Chicago was a good idea and one that was executed well. But the reason that worked is that Chicago turned Grant Park into an NFL theme park for the occasion. Denver doesn’t have the resources to do something like that. Not to mention that 2019 is the year the Rams’ new facility in Los Angeles, referred to as NFL Disney World, is set to open. The NFL shouldn’t pass up the chance to open the complex with the draft, helping it live up to the nickname.

The NFL shouldn’t just host the draft there in 2019, it should hold it in L.A. every year once the complex is open. It’s already been suggested that Los Angeles host the combine (not to mention a Super Bowl or two), so why not make L.A. the permanent host for the draft? One of few concerns over moving the Rams back to Los Angeles was residents may not be rooting for the home team all the time. What better way to get people interested than hosting NFL events there? They’ll certainly have the space to do it–the biggest reason the Rams were approved to move to L.A. over the Chargers and Raiders was because they proposed such a vast complex–and the NFL should be eager to show it off.


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