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Don’t Expect Virtual Reality to Go Away

This year's CES showcases the latest in virtual reality and sports.

 redit : Noriyuki Aida/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Noriyuki Aida/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The trend of using virtual reality headsets to stream live sporting events is barely off the ground, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

At CES 2016, a company called Arkamys is showcasing its virtual reality through which viewers eventually “watch live sports from the vantage point of the referee.”

This comes mere months after the NBA tested virtual reality streaming at the Warriors-Pelicans game on opening night and the NHL tested it at a Kings-Sharks Stadium Series game. Though reviews have been mixed, that won’t stop leagues from eventually implementing virtual reality into every stadium and making it an option for every viewer.

With pro teams already using virtual reality to help gameplan, the logical next step is for fans to have access. Though there are certainly kinks to work out, this next wave of fan engagement could be an integral step in the way sports are consumed.

With fans being priced out of attending games and the living room looming as a great alternative, virtual reality makes it even easier to stay home to watch your favorite team. With no traffic, no obnoxious guy sitting in front of you, and the best seat in the house, companies like Arkamys continue to create new and interesting ways for fans to experience sports.

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