New MLB sponsorships in 2015 total as much as $275 million

Rob Manfred

With MLB commissioner Rob Manfred restructuring the leadership at the league’s central office just prior to assuming the position, new sponsorships for the 2015 season have seen an increase.

Under what Manfred calls the One Baseball management structure, six league sponsorship deals have a total value of between $225 million-$275 million, according to Forbes.

The new sponsorship deals include Esurance, The Hartford, Draft Kings, Maytag, Dunkin’ Donuts, and yesterday, the addition of Falken Tires, which will serve as the official tire of Major League Baseball.

“One of Commissioner Manfred’s top priorities was to lead the sport under the theme of One Baseball,” said Noah Garden, MLB Executive Vice President, Business. “The combining of our sales forces into one unit has allowed us to showcase and sell the enormous assets of Major League Baseball more completely and efficiently to the corporate community.”

Sponsorships come both from companies looking to advertise with MLB and the league’s sales staff reaching out to business.

Garden noted that with the league being a leader in digital media, and now having former President & CEO of MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) Bob Bowman now serving as MLB President, Business & Media, it’s allowed direct revenue-generating and media rights activities across all MLB entities.

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