Randy Gregory loses $16 million in draft day tumble

Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Gregory was one of the highest rated pass rushers coming into the NFL Draft only a few short months ago. Gregory has now slid in the draft due to off-field issues, and in the process lost out on a lot of money. The rookie pay scale slots each pick and provides the most value for teams, and lower guaranteed money, outside of the first round.

The reasons for Gregory’s drop include a failed drug test, and other more vague concerns, but there is no confusion as to his lost payday. Using USA TODAY’s mock drafts going back to January, where Gregory was ‘chosen’ as high as the fourth pick, Gregory theoretically lost out on roughly $19 million dollars* in compensation. Gregory by Dallas with the 60 pick in the second round will only receive roughly $3 million guaranteed a difference of $16 million. Using Mock Draft 3.0, where Gregory was projected to go 21, Gregory would have been guaranteed $8.3 million, still a $5 million difference for Gregory.

Other prospects who dropped from their projections include Landon Collins (7 in Mock Draft 1.0,  20 in Mock Draft 3.0) who went with the first pick in the second round, and Shane Ray’s drop out of the top 10 likely cost him $6-8 million dollars guaranteed.

Gregory, Collins, Eddie Goldman and Jaelen Strong all dropped out of the first round and could provide great value for teams on day 2.

* Note: Projections used from last year’s slotting numbers

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