New startup brings multiple streams to a single screen


SkreensTV has created a new television-watching experience that could drastically change how fans watch sports. The WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled box is able to display multiple streams at once on a single screen. You can simultaneously watch a football game, basketball game and NASCAR while your kids play their Xbox, all on the same TV. SkreensTV might bring back a lost experience: the whole family in the same room watching the same TV . . . just not the same program.

ScreensTV uses five HDMI inputs that work with cable and satellite TV boxes, direct internet access, video game consoles, steaming media devices and HTML5 apps. A single HDMI cable then connects to an HDTV. In addition, SkreensTV allows viewers to tile, re-size, and rearrange multiple content streams simultaneously on a single screen using a free iOS or Android mobile app. Users can select sound from each separate stream through their mobile device.

SkreensTV aims to piggyback on the proliferation of devices such as Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV, which allow consumers to pull programming from various sources onto one large screen TV. In addition, the continued price decline for large screen TVs should help increase demand for SkreensTV’s product.

SkreensTV primarily targets two audiences: gamers and sports fans. The experience of a sports bar now could be available at home. This could be a big step for advertising in general, but particularly sports. Advertisers can now reach not only the sports fan, but the whole family. However, the presence of alternative programming on the same screen could mean that fans will transfer their attention and miss more commercials. In addition, eyeballs will now primarily be on the TV, rather than constantly switching between TV and mobile devices. This could further enhance advertising penetration and is a major boon for sports leagues, potentially making their TV rights even more valuable.

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