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5 most valuable English Premier League matches of the weekend

The weekend's biggest English Premier League match features two clubs with a combined brand value of over $1 billion.

While the Top 5 most valuable brands in the Premier League remain unchanged this year, the most valuable matchups change weekly. In order to determine which of this weekend’s 10 English Premier League fixtures are the most high-profile, we combined the current brand value of each of the clubs that will go head-to-head.

These five from the weekend feature the largest combined brand value:

Tottenham vs. West Bromwich Albion

($322 million combined)

(AP Photo/Bogdan Maran)
(AP Photo/Bogdan Maran)

While Tottenham is currently a Top 6 brand, West Brom is one of the least valuable in the entire English Premier League.

West Ham vs. Liverpool

($581 million combined)

(AP Photo/Peter Byrne, PA Wire)
(AP Photo/Peter Byrne, PA Wire)

Liverpool is among the most storied clubs in the English Premier League and its brand value is trending upward due to a second-place league finish in 2013-14. West Ham is currently one of the league’s Top 10 most valuable brands.

Aston Villa vs. Arsenal

($620 million combined)


While Aston Villa is a Top-10 English Premier League brand, this match is buoyed by Arsenal, which is currently the league’s third-most valuable.

Leicester City vs. Manchester United

($739 million combined*)

(AP Photo/Jon Super)
(AP Photo/Jon Super)

Manchester United remains the most valuable brand in the English Premier League, despite its brand taking a considerable hit due to a lackluster 2013-14 season. Manchester United’s brand value was at its peak in 2012.

*This reflects only Manchester United’s brand value as calculations have not yet been made for newly promoted clubs.

Manchester City vs. Chelsea

($1 billion combined)

(AP Photo/Jon Super)
(AP Photo/Jon Super)

Sunday’s match between Manchester City and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge pits two of the four most valuable brands in the English Premier League. Defending champion Manchester City has seen its brand value rise nearly $200 million since 2013.

(English Premier League brand values via Brand Finance)

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