Penn State student section sponsored by Apartment Store

Over 20,000 students make up the Penn State Student Section (source:
Over 20,000 students make up the Penn State Student Section (source:

The Apartment Store, a division of Keystone Real Estate Group, has been announced as the presenting partner of the Penn State football student section at Beaver Stadium. The Apartment Store has managed a wide array of undergraduate, graduate and professional homes in Happy Valley for over 30 years.

The Apartment Store will be responsible for game day direct marketing in the student section, creation of student loyalty programs, athletics’ social media integration, Beaver Stadium signage and video board content.

Apartment Store marketing executive Pete Hraba explained in a phone interview that Penn State approached the firm last year to sponsor a different event, and since then agreed to a three-year sponsorship deal with the student section. Marketing-wise, this is a great deal for the Apartment Store because it increases signage in the stadium. The company will use this opportunity to raise its brand awareness with exclusive footage on the big screen and shout-outs during the game. Hraba: “We have some bold concepts that incorporate these benefits with unique offerings to our resident guests and we’re excited to reveal them this fall.”

Hraba also explained that this deal fits the company mantra real estate-wise, as well. He described it as “managing student property in Beaver Stadium.” Apartment Store is sponsoring a fifth of the stadium. The marketing team plans on doing free giveaways such as distributing shirts, hats, sunglasses and towels to “unify the student section visually.”

Tom McGrath, Penn State associate athletic director,┬ásaid: “We are thrilled to start a new marketing initiative with The Apartment Store which directly aligned with our loyal, passionate, sold out student section.”

Penn State’s home game against Akron debuted the Apartment Store sponsorship. Hraba believes there could be improvements in areas such as timing and the video boards inside the stadium, but was pleased with the activities outside the stadium.

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