Alaskan Airlines gets an easy win with Russell Wilson jersey promotion

(Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)
(Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)

The wins keep on coming for Seattle Seahawks fans.

Not only did the fans get to celebrate a dominant Super Bowl victory last season, now they are being given priority boarding for Alaskan Airlines flights leaving Seattle.

“We’re thrilled to kick off the 2014 football season by bringing back priority boarding for fans wearing the jersey of our ‘Chief Football Officer’ Russell Wilson,” said Joe Sprague, Alaska Airlines’ senior vice president of communications and external relations, in a statement.

Aside from the obvious benefits to Seahawks fans, this actually could be a fun and maybe lucrative promotion for Alaskan Airlines.

For starters, the monetary costs of allowing a few passengers to board the flight early are basically non-existent. It will come as no extra effort of the airlines to board passengers wearing Wilson jerseys a bit early.

That lack of expense comes along with a great deal of positive publicity. Those factors combined make this promotion an easy win for Alaskan Airlines.

Its success could pave the way for similar promotions, especially with dedicated fan connections like the one enjoyed by Seattle and Russell Wilson.