Rangers executive launches fund-raising initiative linking fantasy leagues to charitable donations

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)
(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Fun and shareable platforms that spread awareness are key to the success of charities and non-profits. The foundation Movember utilized the growing of mustaches to generate revenue and support for men’s health and ALS has generated millions of dollars and awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease with its viral ice bucket challenge campaign.

Meaningful Wins hopes to do the same through the playing of fantasy sports. Utilizing a unique business model, the company is attempting to convert league entry fees into charitable contributions. Fantasy league players can register their existing leagues and donate their preferred amount, all of which is tax deductible, to the charity of their choice.

The founder of Meaningful Wins is Thad Levine, assistant GM of the Texas Rangers. Levine has secured support from the likes of former MLB stars Greg Maddux and Kevin Millar, with the former providing winners of the top-25 money raising leagues a personal letter of congratulations for supporting their chosen charity.

Whether leveraging the awesomeness of a Rollie Fingers-style mustache to support men’s health, dumping  an ice cold bucket of water over your head for ALS, or trash talking your opponents on a weekly basis in fantasy football for a good cause, the goal remains the same: to make a difference for non-profits that struggle to effectively market their message.  By tapping into an already existing platform, Meaningful Wins is hoping to make your next draft or waiver wire pick-up count for more than annual bragging rights.

Courtney Brunious is Associate Director at the USC Sports Business Institute and Managing Editor of The Fields of Green.

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