Bayern Munich reaches out to U.S. soccer fans

(AP Photo/dpa, Marc Mueller)
(AP Photo/dpa, Marc Mueller)

On the heels of a successful World Cup for the U.S. Men’s National Team, much chatter has revolved around whether Major League Soccer can make inroads with new American soccer fans.

Interestingly enough, the MLS is not the only soccer entity trying to gain the interest of fans in the U.S. One of the top German teams, Bayern Munich, launched an American website with the hopes of engaging with North American soccer fans.

The website is not the only move the club is making in its quest for American fans. Bayern is also participating in the “2014 U.S. Audi Summer Tour,” traveling to New York and New Jersey to compete against Chivas Guadalajara as well as a matchup against the MLS All-Stars in Portland.

These recent decisions by the Bayern brass only further the notion that America is a soccer jackpot waiting to be claimed.

“On the heels of record-setting American interest in, and viewership of, the World Cup, it’s the perfect time for us to connect with Bayern’s 15 million fans living here in the States – as well as the other 45+ million soccer fans in the US,” said Rudolf Vidal, managing director of the club’s U.S. operations.

Many complain that the soccer in the MLS is not high enough caliber to attract soccer fans enthralled by the extraordinarily high quality of play in the World Cup, while others worry that the major soccer leagues internationally aren’t accessible to watch.

Regardless of these potential roadblocks, Bayern Munich is becoming the latest team to try its luck with the Yanks. English Premier League teams such as Manchester United and Manchester City also are taking North American tours, presumably with the same goal in mind.

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