Foot Locker and Dante Exum launch ‘Life Changes After the Draft’ commercial series

With the NBA draft scheduled for Thursday June 26th, Foot Locker has launched a YouTube series of five new commercials featuring the prospect. The series titled “Life Changes After the Draft” has five short episodes each poking fun at the new found celebrity status Exum has and will achieve after the draft. Episodes are titled as: Autograph, Fanmail, Paparazzi, Dorky Neighbor, and Reservation.
Stacy Cunningham, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Foot Locker says, “The NBA Draft is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we’re excited to partner with adidas to introduce Dante’s outstanding personality to American basketball fans and bring some levity to this special event with our ‘Life Changes After the Draft’ campaign.”
Referred to as “The International Man of Mystery,” the Aussie player is making his first interaction with the US fan base with the commercial series. Only those who have seen his basketball YouTube videos have an idea of this talented player. Many have high hopes for Exum, including Adidas, who has taken a risk signing the soon-to-be rookie. With a high pick and a stellar rookie year, Exum could find much more success in his future as his life will most definitely change.

Exum comments on the experience from the campaign and working with Foot Locker:

“Working with Foot Locker on the ‘Life Changes After the Draft’ campaign was an amazing experience, and I am thrilled to be a part of the campaign…The NBA Draft will certainly be a life-changing moment, and it was fun to be featured in these commercials that are going to help people see my personality.”

The spots will also debut on Wednesday, June 25, followed by their television debut on ESPN during the NBA Draft on Thursday, June 26.

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