Under Armour Wins with Jordan Spieth, More Brands Sure to Follow


(Jack Gruber/USA TODAY Sports)
(Jack Gruber/USA TODAY Sports)

After a second-place finish at the 2014 Masters, 20-year-old phenom Jordan Spieth no doubt won the adulation of fans and brands everywhere and set himself up to become one of the bigger names in golf over the coming years with the sponsorship dollars to follow.

Spieth’s success at the Masters was a surprise to some but he definitely did not come out of nowhere.  He was the 2013 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year and after Sunday’s second-place finish currently sits at #5 on the prize money list with $2,621,223 in 2014 earnings, ahead of more notable golfers Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Jason Day and Sergio Garcia.

Apart from his winnings, Spieth is poised to capitalize on huge sponsorship deals after Sunday’s final-round battle with winner Bubba Watson.  His youth, professionalism and clean-cut image make him a target for brands looking to capture a younger demographic in the golf space.

Under Armour man

Under Armour made Jordan Spieth its first ‘head-to-toe’ golfer after recruiting the then-19-year old in January 2013.

The Maryland-based company’s courting of Spieth wasn’t really a gamble – they recognized his talent early on and viewed him as the next big thing in golf.  Spieth was already the 2012 NCAA champion, first-team All-American and the 2011-12 Big 12 Player of the Year.

The move to lock up Spieth to wear the interlocking “UA” symbols on every piece of clothing and apparel was a strong one.

In an interview with Forbes last September, Spieth was all in on his biggest partner:

“Under Armour is new, aggressive, slick, classic but athletic – kind of how I always wanted to be perceived”

Additional Sponsorships

Under Armour wasn’t the only the brand enjoying Spieth’s success at this year’s Masters.

Spieth has sponsorship agreements with Titleist, NetJets, Rolex, BioSteel Sports Supplements and Perfect Sense Digital.

Spieth’s agent, Jay Danzi, will surely be fielding calls over the next few months as brands come in aggressive pursuit of golf’s next big thing.  Danzi told reporters Monday that he has been in “deep discussions” with several companies to focus on long-term partnerships but declined to name names.

Spieth’s future sponsorship deals are poised to take a stratospheric jump in the coming months.

Last year’s rookie of the year is now a bona fide member of the big leagues.

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