Augusta Can Afford to Buy You a Hot Dog

Golf: The Masters-First Round

Augusta Can Afford to Buy You a Hot Dog


Augusta Can Afford to Buy You a Hot Dog

(Jack Gruber-USA TODAY Sports)

(Jack Gruber-USA TODAY Sports)

The ridiculously high cost of eating and drinking at professional sporting events is widely understood, but it’s a much different story at the Augusta National concession stands this weekend.

The Masters is infamous for its throwback prices at the concession stand– as you can see, the most expensive item on the menu is an imported beer for $4.00, and you can have a sandwich and soda for just $3.00.

Most might think this is the age old vendor strategy: set the prices low and the customers will make up for it in quantity of purchase. That might be the case, but what might be more true is that Augusta National generates so much revenue from its television rights and sponsorships that they can simply afford to keep the food prices absurdly low to provide a great overall experience to their patrons.

After all, Masters patrons — Augusta National calls tournament attendees “patrons,” you know — more than give their money back to the club at the merchandise tent. Here’s one patron who got a little carried away:


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