U.S. Soccer Fans Buying World Cup Tickets In Full Force

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

FIFA recently released their World Cup ticket sales and more than two and a half million tickets have already been sold. Brazil, the host country for the 2014 summer event, has had 65 percent of the public tickets allocated to their fan base with 1,041,418 sold through April 1. Surprisingly, the United States has had the second-highest amount of ticket sales, with their supporters accounting for 154,412 of them.

Out of the 2,577,662 tickets sold thus far, 1,591,435 have been allocated to the general public. Following Brazil and the U.S., Australia (40,681), England (38,043) and Colombia (33,126) round out the top-five in terms of ticket sales. So not counting the host country, the United States has bought almost four times as many World Cup tickets as any other nation.

Considering that the 2014 World Cup is being held in Rio, it makes sense that U.S. soccer fans are more willing to buy and travel than other Western European supporters such as England and Spain. Yet, the shocking gap in number between the U.S. and other countries shows how far this country has come regarding their support of soccer.

A promising performance in the 2010 World Cup by the U.S., which included an extremely memorable game-winning goal in stoppage time by Landon Donovan against Algeria, has helped peak interest for a sport that has often been overlooked by football, baseball and basketball. This year’s World Cup starts in 71 days. The U.S. soccer team can now look forward to American fans showing an overwhelming amount of support on site.

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